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Welcome #appswelove

Over the past couple of years, my agency, INTERACTIONS has been running a "self promo" project called BrandsWeLove.

#BrandsWeLove aims to show our creative capabilities, by selecting periodically a brand (not necessarily a client) and executing a "this-is-how-it-should-be" social media post for it.

Today it's time to announce my personal spin-off from this project: #AppsWeLove (technically it should be AppsILove, but it may sound a bit too ego-centric :wink-wink:). Obviously the project is going to be about Martechs (SaaS apps for marketing), my deepest digital passion.

The goal is to take from time to time, let's say 2-3 times per month, an app that i use or i've seen it being used and talk briefly about it.

The opening post goes, naturally, to... Zapier! In my opinion Zapier was a game changer. The idea behind the app is very simple: Z-API-ER, meaning an API integrator.

Zapier uses the APIs of very popular apps (e.g. HubSpot, Google Docs, etc) to provide its users the ability to exchange data between these apps without the need for coding. There are many good apps out there. But when you put them to work together, the result is even more impressive.

If you didn't knew about Zapier until now, take one hour to explore it. It will definitely worth your time.

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