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My 4 business rules

These days many businesses are in the phase of designing "recipes": creating new models, new rules and new offerings for the future.

I had some time these days to try and summarise some basic principles that worked for me until now and i tried to make them more "scientific". Here we go.

1. Keep your word - careful what you promise, say what you mean and mean what you say.

2. Do your best - maybe you will succeed or maybe you will fail, but at least you will not have to look back and wonder "What if?"

3. Don't assume things - during my university years i had an exercise about instructing a 10 y.o. child to make a salami sandwich. The point of the exercise was to write very specific instructions that don't assume that the child already knows how much butter to put, how thick he should cut the salami and so on. The same is valid today for businesses.

4. Don't take things personally - i'm still working on that, but i am making good progress :)

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